MMDVM 443.725 Mt Davis Repeater

Please Disconnect from Fusion Rooms ( # ) or DMR Talk Groups ( TG 4000 ) when you are finished

As of 1-1-2020 The WA3P 443.725 repeater has a MMDVM problem, You may experience a High BER, we are working on the problem

This repeater works great in FM Mode, you will notice it does not have a repeater tail or courtesy tone

Any questions or Comments can be directed to


FTM400 and FMT100 mobiles

 Press and hold for 1 second DX button

                   Press Down button, A list of rooms appear, click on the room you wish to connect to.

                   After done, press and hold *(without the PTT) until disconnected, Press DX Button to exit Wires X



The 443.725 Mt Davis, Pa repeater has the following Static Talk Groups:

                   Pennsylvania TG 3142 Time Slot 1,

                   Western Pennsylvania TG 31422 Time Slot 2

                   Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency TG 31420 Slot 2

                   Repeater ID TG 314250  Time Slot 2

All Color Code 1


You can connect to any DMR Talk Group by selecting it from your radio, just press the PTT and you will connect. “Push To Talk” or PTT Talk groups  will stay active on this repeater until you PTT another Talk Group or you Disconnect by using the TG 4000