Somerset County Amateur Radio Club

Special Announcement March 15, 2020


Greetings to all,

     By now everyone should be aware of the recommendations of the CDC, DOH, and Federal, State, and Local governments regarding social gathering and the spread of the coronavirus.  The officers of our club have discussed the current status of the coronavirus threat and have agreed that due to recent government actions and recommendations, our club should follow those precautions by canceling all club gatherings and meetings for the remainder of March, 2020.  We now have cases in Western PA, according to the news media, of the virus.  The government closed all schools for minimum 2 weeks, our County Library which is next door to our clubhouse ROOM 27 is closed until further notice, visitation at the Somerset County Jail has been suspended until further notice and all public courthouse tours have been cancelled.  Also, our County EMA office now has a no visitor policy. I spoke with EMA Director Landis about the situation.   He also recommends we suspend gathering and activities at least for the month following suit with other organizations and agencies.  The counties involvement in the PEMA all hazards exercise on Mar 26 has also been canceled.  Our clubs VE test session scheduled for the 21st of March is cancelled.  The ARRL will be contacted to inform them of the cancellation.


     While we understand these temporary changes may be an inconvenience, we believe that taking these measures are in the best interest of the clubs members.  We can play a part in protecting our members, their families, and friends by not helping to spread the virus.  We are being told once a person comes in contact with the virus they don't show any symptoms for up to 14 days.  They can spread it without knowing.   Hopefully this will pass our area soon.  Until we start meetings at the clubhouse again, we can gather on the Somerset 147.195/R every Thursday at 7:30pm for an informal “Roundtable” type net.  Please watch the K3SMT.Groups.I.O email reflector for future posts


We recommend each of us check on one another during this time. Keep our spirits up and use our ham radios to break up the social distancing we are enduring during this event.  Use this time to talk to one another on our VHF/UHF/HF radios locally utilizing our repeaters and/or simplex and HF.     


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Somerset County Changes in Response to COVID-19 (3/13/20)



147.195 MhZ pl 123 /146.400 MhZ pl 123 / 444.475 MhZ pl 123

Hello, My Name is Barry and I'm from Rockwood, Pa USA
I have been into radio since my dad put up a cb antenna on a telephone pole and gave me my first radio (Lafayette Telsat 140) I was amazed that I could talk as far as I could.
I was 10 years old.
Now I'm an Extra and I have a Kenwood TS 2000 that is into a 160m OCF dipole, 80m OCF dipole, Antron 99,Tram 1481, and a Dual band J-pole built by my friend Jim- NJ3T.
I build all my antennas with pride, they work well, my next step is to build my own balun's
I also have two Yeasu FTM400's, Alinco DJMD5 DMR ,Radiodity GD77, and a couple of Boafengs. I can be found On DMR 31422,3142,314250, or 3116352
I write my own codeplugs, and wrote a couple for friend’s.
I enjoy Digital mode ( DMR,Fusion) DStar not so much.
I'm a member of the Somerset County Amateur Radio Club and net control for the Somerset County Emergency Service Net every third Sunday night at 7:30pm and  was net control for the Western PA ACS Net twice now.

Thanks for checking out my website, Not much here Yet

Mt Davis RPT