Hello, My Name is Barry and I'm from Rockwood, Pa USA
I have been into radio since my dad put up a cb antenna on a telephone pole and gave me my first radio (Lafayette Telsat 140) I was amazed that I could talk as far as I could.
I was 10 years old.
Now I'm an Extra and I have a Kenwood TS 2000 that is into a 160m OCF dipole, 80m OCF dipole, Antron 99,Tram 1481, and a Dual band J-pole built by my friend Jim- NJ3T.
I build all my antennas with pride, they work well, my next step is to build my own balun's
I also have two Yeasu FTM400's, Alinco DJMD5 DMR ,Radiodity GD77, and a couple of Boafengs. I can be found On DMR 31422,3142,314250, or 3116352
I write my own codeplugs, and wrote a couple for friend’s.
I enjoy Digital mode ( DMR,Fusion) DStar not so much.
I'm a member of the Somerset County Amateur Radio Club and net control for the Somerset County Emergency Service Net every third Sunday night at 7:30pm and  was net control for the Western PA ACS Net twice now.

Thanks for checking out my website, Not much here Yet

Mt Davis RPT